A mobile-first experience capturing the quirky sophistication of the Pacific Northwest’s Emerald City.

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Seattle in two words? Quirky sophistication.

Visit Seattle approached Gravitate with the goal to boost tourism for the city. Let’s do this. Their website was lagging behind other marketing initiatives and in need of some love. Our clients were savvy, experienced marketers ready to wrangle all the cats, and avoid the death by committee syndrome. Can you ask for a better client?


Capturing the Feeling of Seattle

I was tasked with bringing the many contrasts of Seattle to life on the screen. It’s a technology focused, outdoorsy, lush, occasionally overcast, metropolitan city. I hoped to bring Seattle’s personality to the forefront through visual contrast, bold clean lines, a canvas of white, touches of green, and stunning photography.

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Laying the Groundwork with a Solid Plan of Action

Because their site visitors are navigating the city with their mobile devices, a mobile-first approach was the perfect fit. In the UX role it gave me the opportunity to give extra consideration and strategy to the smallest viewport and in the long run this led to thoughtful rewards.

The website was not a purely visual challenge. Together with the team, I tackled the UX of Gravitate’s largest site design to date. How big you say? 8,000 pages of big. We burned the midnight oil throughout the strategy phase, compiling and organizing vast amounts of data to lay a strong foundation.

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A Thoughtful Mobile Experience

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One of a Kind

The website captures the natural beauty of this world-class city. The site organization, user flows, advanced search functionality, smooth hover transitions, and quirky iconography come together to make the experience something truly special.

The creative folks at Gravitate liked this project so much they wrote a case study about it.

Read the Case Study

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