Teaming up for an adventurous rename, rebrand, and redesign. Epic goodness.

GoBeyond Desktop Mobile

Reimagining a volunteer adventure brand and bringing a thoughtful client out of their comfort zone.

Global Expeditions Group is the parent company of ActionQuest, Sea|mester, and Lifeworks International. They enlisted Gravitate to look at these brands and recommend how to strengthen their digital presence with the best ROI. After much discovery, discussion, and research, we determined the strongest path forward was to focus on Lifeworks, their community service adventure brand for teenagers.

Brainstorming a New Name


It’s an uphill task to rename a company. Looking in from the outside comes with its advantages, but we acknowledged the best direction would likely emerge from their internal vetting process. Would we be happy to jump into the fray and throw down a few ideas? Hell yeah. Good and bad ideas alike were considered during a series of collaborative brainstorming meetings.

So what did we come up with? By taking the summer to volunteer and help international communities they’re going beyond travel, making an impact, and stirring the pot of change. GoBeyond.

GoBeyond Wireframes
GoBeyond Moodboard

Bringing a Sense of Adventure to the New Brand

While the name was still being vetting we started work on the website. The concepts and foundation we built were still going to hold true whether the name was Beyond Summer, Global Good, or GoBeyond. While Lifeworks was watered-down and indistinct, the new brand would be bold, global, and inspiring.

GoBeyond Journeys

Creating a Dynamic Trip Itinerary

GoBeyond Journey

GoBeyond Journey

GoBeyond Journey

During our initial strategy sessions, we highlighted the trip itinerary page to be one of the most important on the website. We wanted to create a vertical timeline with varying content blocks that more fully tell the story of each journey. This content may be a blog update, photograph, map, video, or testimonial. The client had wonderful imagery and student experiences that begged for the opportunity to breathe.

My team didn’t just create a visually interesting layout. We suggested service focused journey names rather destination based names. We also created categories and rankings of the activities the students would participate in while on the trip.

Checkout a Preserving Paradise Journey

The project wrapped up with great success. After launching GoBeyond I gave their brand Sea|mester a new UI built on the backend framework of GoBeyond. What do I leave this project with? One of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received. “Your Creativity is Contagious.” I’ll take it.

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