Gigya helps create meaningful relationships between more than 700 global brands and their customers. Here’s how we told Gigya’s story.

Gigya Homepage
  • Agency: Gravitate Design
  • My Role: Lead UI/UX Designer
  • Awards: Awwwards Nominee, CommArts Webpick

Big ideas started forming the more that was revealed about the capabilities of the Gigya platform.

From the start of the project we needed to prove ourselves and quickly, so we hit the ground running. One of the biggest challenges for Gigya emerged during our initial discovery meetings. What do they do? How can we demonstrate what they do if we don’t understand it ourselves? We got to work, did our homework, asked questions, and crafted their digital story.

The strategy phase never ended, it flowed into all aspects of the website. The website is a testament to the in-depth research, discussion, and brainstorming of our team.

Gigya Wireframes

Gigya Solutions page

Rewarding User Engagement

One of the biggest UX obstacles for this project was the solutions page. Gigya approached us with a print focused design and loads of features. Through many design iterations we created an interactive approach to foster visitor engagement. Dim and active states on the tiered pricing structure allow the user to compare and contrast the tiers. Flipping the original format of least to most expensive packages, the table starts with the most robust enterprise tier and displays the widest array of features available.

Solutions for Gigya didn’t have easy answers. Stepping up to the challenge and being rewarded by the occasional “Oh dear god, you nailed it” from their CMO made all the late nights worth it.

The creative folks at Gravitate liked this project so much they wrote a case study about it.

Read the Case Study

Gigya Mega Menu Solutions Mobile

My favorite part of this design, from the UI and UX perspective, was the problem solving that went into it. For me, design isn’t about a right or wrong decision, it’s an educated choice based on the audience and goals. I put myself into the mind of the user and never lose sight of that; it’s my main priority.

I was sent back to the drawing board more than once, but the end result was stronger for it. My team and our client challenged one another in all the right ways. Within our team there was an openness to question not just others but ourselves. That’s true collaboration.

Gigya Integrations

The website was a huge victory. The client has since changed the homepage design to align with a new business objective. It remains one my favorite designs.