Capturing the charm of the Oregon coast and the excitement of casino nightlife.

Chinook Winds Website

The biggest design challenge? Visually juxtaposing daytime at the beach with the exhilarating energy of nighttime at the casino.

When I first started familiarizing myself with the Chinook Winds Casino website a strategic misstep became apparent. Their visual identity was being overwhelmed by the branding of casino events and promotions. I needed to establish a visual balance allowing for an overarching Chinook Winds identity.

Chinook Winds Moodboard


Weaving Together a Visual Language

Have you ever seen photos of the beach at night? Or a casino with natural light flooding in? Not likely. The process of unifying these themes started with the creation of a mood board.

Gold became a common thread, connecting golden drifts with the gold of monetary winnings. The complimentary script font adds a soft touch, resembling letters drawn in the sand or blown in the wind. Selecting this font became its own challenge, it couldn’t feel too pretentious, this is Lincoln City not Las Vegas. The final touches? Traditional woven patterns of the Siletz Tribe to complete the new aesthetic.

Chinook Winds Recent Winners

Insight from our initial discovery meetings informed content blocks such as Recent Winners. These photos are taken by a wide array of staff using varying devices. Knowing this I kept the pictures small, instead playing up the counting animation of a slot machine and the patterns of a playing card.

Chinook Winds Casino Lodging Hover
Chinook Winds Weather Flyout

Light and dark backgrounds became be a useful device to transition the user from the contrasting atmospheres and content. All the overlapping, subtle details came together for a big win. A few of my favorite things? That dreamy weather dropdown and the lodging hover state. A thousand times yes.

The creative folks at Gravitate liked this project so much they wrote a case study about it.

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